Celebrate Overcoming is a 501(C)(3) (pending) organization founded with the mission to encourage and inspire people who are suddenly confronting significant life challenges by sharing stories of people who have faced similar situations. We believe that it is better to focus on what can be recovered than on what cannot; on the wins, not the losses; on the hope, not the despair.

Our vision is to see a world full of Overcomer’s who live life with hope, purpose and joy, despite their challenges.


The organization was started by John and Mitzi Platillero, whose then 24 year old son’s life was permanently changed in an instant when a distracted driver ran a red light and T-boned him while he was riding his bicycle. Diagnosed initially with a complete spinal cord injury, the family rallied around and never gave up hope for some recovery.

During the rehab process, every single small victory was celebrated. A toe moving; certain muscles starting to twitch. Over a year later, there has been some recovery, and even though their son will never fully recover, they discovered the joy and hope that is brought on by focusing on what HAS recovered.
Join us in celebrating each small victory! It paves the path to hope.
To accomplish our mission, we want to expand this website to become a library of stories of Overcomers, and a directory of local resources to anyone facing life challenges. We also will be producing Live Events featuring stories of Overcomers.
We will soon have a way for you to share your story, make a financial contribution or become involved in helping us produce a local event. In the meantime, please email us with any comments, questions or ideas for making this a great organization!

Upcoming Events


We are currently planning several events in the California area. If you are interested in helping us out, please email CelebrateOvercoming@gmail.com